Lucky FlipperPen Duo


Ingenious Car Wrapping Tool for foiling on edges

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Our customers and friends Lukas Heizmann and Christian Benner developed this ingenious Car Wrapping Tool. The wrap stick allows you to apply the vinyls on the door rabbet and edges during vehicle foiling.

The robust and low-friction plastic of the sliding head allows the Car Wrapping Stick to glide easily over the vinyl at a perfect 30 degree angle. There are two sizes of the sliding head available, so that the vinyl can always be pressed on exactly.

This Car Wrapping Stick is simply awesome - thanks to the two ambitious tinkerers!

If there is an air bubble remaining, you can quickly eliminate it with the YelloPen. And in combination with our squeegees and the WrapSticks, nothing can really stop you from car wrapping! :)

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