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Cut car wrapping films safely in bodywork crevices

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WrapDefender is the first safety knife for vehicle wrappers: It prevents damage to vehicle paintwork, sealing rubbers and add-on parts thanks to the protective nose in front of the blade.

Cutting car wrapping films that have already been applied always carries the risk of damaging the substrate with the blade, especially when making cuts in body and door gaps, on headlight housings and exterior mirrors. Conventional knives often plunge in too deep, leaving scratches and other minor damage that then requires costly repairs.

With WrapDefender, the risk of such damage is significantly reduced, as the extra-sharp scalpel blade is protected by the special shape of the cutting head - the plastic nose prevents the blade from going in too deep. For example, curves can be cut out to trim the film in the wheel arch without damaging the paint. This is particularly useful when applying paint protection films or doing full wrapping jobs.

A WrapDefender for every application

We received many ideas to further develop the WrapDefender: users like Kevin Kempf from PG Nola or Julien Bonnet from Allcover in France suggested different shapes of the WrapDefender to either trim hard-to-reach areas safely or to get improved ergonomics.

WrapDefender is also suitable for sign making applications, such as preparing prints, plots and other vinyl films at the cutting table.

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