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Perfectly coordinated bonding aid for stone chip protection foil ( PPF )

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Often and gladly one speaks of so-called "revolutions" of new products or tools... as if "the wheel" had been reinvented. Whether this is exaggerated or not, you decide of course always only for yourself.

But to use a specially produced "foam" for the installation of stone chip protection foil is unparalleled! This is also a ph-neutral liquid, which is not really liquid.

The advantages are obvious:

  •     The foam "stands" longer than any normal liquid
  •     It creates a "distance" between the film/adhesive and the substrate
  •     It makes visible at which points the doctoring has already been done
  •     Nevertheless, it allows fast adhesion after scraping
  •     APE FoamPotion contains no alcohol and is therefore NOT aggressive to the adhesive
  •     It can be washed out very easily
  •     just mix it with distilled water!!
  •     we recommend approx. 50ml (dosage aid) per 1 litre of water
  •     for mixing we recommend our pressure pump container with special head EasyPump Foam, the foaming degree is adjustable in three different steps!

Available as:

  •      1 litre completely biodegradable (holds about 12 litres of bonding liquid!)
  •       fully biodegradable
  •       kind to the skin
  •       clinically tested
  •       ph-neutral
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