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SpareBlade Cera 59°  (5 pcs) SpareBlade Cera 59°  (5 pcs)
Price $24.99
SpareBlade Cera 59° (5 pcs)

These ceramic blades are only suitable with the YelloCut Cera.

(The caramic blades are a little bit thicker than regular steel blades!)

We looked for an adequate blade/knife combination for you and sent it to professional carwrappers and signmakers all over the world. The answers of the experts from Japan, the USA and especially from Germany are pretty clear: YES – absolutely!

Price $24.99
BladeBreaker Mini
Price $5.99
BladeBreaker Mini

The integrated snap off device of cutter knives is not bad. But where do you put the broken blade pieces?

On the ground? And step on it while working?

In the garbage bag? And when "stuffing" the bag cut your hand?

These are not really true alternatives!

The professional solution by Yellotools is called: BladeBreaker mini :)

Price $5.99